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Premium subscriptions are being tested for Company Pages on LinkedIn

Features (and of course, my comments)

Custom CTA button

LinkedIn has experimented with different buttons with a limited number of options – for example Visit our website, Book a call, request a demo and so on. This new offering sounds like it will allow the page Admins to write whatever they want on the button, for example “Press for Free Popcorn.” Joking aside, this is actually a good feature.  

Who visited my page 

This sounds to me like the Company Page version of Who Viewed My Profile. Note that I have already been asked via a pop up if I want to be identified when I visit Company Pages. I clicked “no”, so I am guessing we can choose to be anonymous company page visitors. Overall though, this is also a really good feature as until now, we have only been able to see who our Followers are. 

Customer testimonial

You can add a customer testimonial. Question: how do you prove it’s actually a customer? This sounds like a tremendous use case for fake profiles. 

AI assisted posts

LinkedIn’s AI will help you write posts. You know one thing I don’t say to my Company Page customers? That’s “you know, we could make these posts a lot more bland and boring by using AI.”

Auto-invites to follow your page

People who engage with your content will be invited to follow your page. The problem with this is that everyone who engages with your content probably already follows your page. 

A little linkedin premium badge for your page. 

Big deal. 

Rumored Cost: $99 a  month (with the usual buy a year and get a 20-25% discount offer) according to various reports. I saw it in Tech Times, I have also heard TechCrunch lists this cost too. Note that from what I have read this is the “starting price”. Now there’s a scary thought. 

I thought LinkedIn would start charging for company pages years ago, possibly by including things like special LinkedIn Groups (that was how long ago I was thinking of this; Groups were still highly thought of back then). 

What’s missing here is the most important thing: increased reach via improved (or any for that matter) distribution of company page posts. The problem here is that Linkedin wants companies to pay for increased reach via boosting posts, and encroaching on that would require the Premium Subscription people at LinkedIn to get cooperation from the Advertising people at LinkedIn. Can’t see it happening. I sometimes think that all of the wall art at LinkedIn’s offices must consist of photos of silos. 

Summary: I might test this to see the quality of the people I can now see are visiting my Company page, but otherwise I don’t see a lot of added value for $99. 


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