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First things first: I do not work for LinkedIn.

I am an independent sales and marketing consultant who specializes in LinkedIn. My “aha” moment with LinkedIn came in early 2011, when I really dug into LinkedIn to see what it could do for me and I realized, LinkedIn is a database of just about every B2B prospect a sales person could ever hope for, along with the tools to mine that database, and in many cases contact the prospects found there.

So I set about studying LinkedIn and trying to make sense of it – what you could do with LinkedIn, what you couldn’t do…what behaviors worked and didn’t work…how “social selling” works and often doesn’t work on LinkedIn, and why…what tactics would work for sales reps and which would not…you get the picture.

The result is I can take any LinkedIn user and give them a better understanding of how they can use LinkedIn to fit their particular goals. LinkedIn is like a Swiss Army Knife – you can do a hundred things with it, but there are probably five or six that make sense for you and you can ignore the other features. Once my clients understand how LinkedIn “works” in context of what they want to accomplish, I work with them to plan the strategies and tactics necessary to accomplish their goals, and then I teach them how to do those things on LinkedIn.

I work with both companies and individuals. If you would like to discuss your goals in using LinkedIn, contact me at [email protected].


At Practical SMM, we pride ourselves on delivering highly effective LinkedIn strategies.