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Your Personal Publishing Statistics: More Fiction Than Fact

Note that when you post or publish on LinkedIn that LinkedIn will show you some statistics when you either click on the number of views, or click on “see stats” In addition to the total views, reactions, comments, and reshares, . . .

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LinkedIn Collaborative Articles: A Complete Opinionated Guide

 When I wrote this up it came to just under 2000 words so I have split it in two. This week, what Collaborative Articles are and how they work. Next week more commentary, options and three possible ways to make . . .

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Coming Up With Content Ideas Is Not Rocket Science

I get this a lot. “I don’t know how to write. We have nothing to write about.”  Hogwash.  Just ask yourself, “What are my customers having problems with?”  Then write content that will help them understand the problem, solve the . . .

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What Are Your Expectations From Posting On LinkedIn?

I wonder what their expectations were for this post? Although I use written content in my examples, this applies to video and audio content on LinkedIn as well. Part One: The Sales Lead Myth Here is how people think it . . .

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7 Things I Have Learned On Creating Content For LinkedIn

I am in the process of overhauling my website and was a little startled when I discovered that the section on posting and publishing content on LinkedIn will run over 34,000 words. Here are 650 of them. 1) Avoiding Content . . .

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4 Additional Benefits I Gain From Publishing Content On LinkedIn (…and you can too)

For the most part we publish content on LinkedIn looking for one or more of the usual benefits – views, engagement or sales leads. What I want to talk about today are what I call the “unexpected benefits” of publishing . . .

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My Take On The Implications Of Post Reach Dwindling On LinkedIn

  That’s it? 102 impressions after all that work? Posts used to be the big kid on the LinkedIn block. My rule of thumb five years ago was that a post would get 9 or 10 impressions for each click . . .

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FAQ: “Why Am I Not Getting Any Leads From My LinkedIn Posts?”

I get a variation on this question every couple weeks, so I thought today I would explore this a little bit, and go through the general progression on how posting on LinkedIn “works”. For those of you that do post, . . .

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LinkedIn Posts: Do’s and Don’ts For Post Interaction

LinkedIn posted a graphic on Do’s and Don’ts for intereacting with posts on LinkedIn in their “Guide to Creating” blog a couple weeks ago. I thought it was worth some discussion. “Don’t share links without context under posts.” Instead, “Tell . . .

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